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Here’s a unique gift … an engraved brick for the Butterfly Garden Walkway!

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An engraved brick may be to honor or in memory of someone with a 4×8 brick for $50 or an 8×8 brick for $100. The first phase of the walkway has been installed. Check out the Butterfly Garden on your next walk through Lapham Peak. Orders can be completed online or with the Butterfly Garden Flyer. Engraved bricks may be purchased on an ongoing basis and added to the walkway as it expands throughout the garden.

A Memorial Bench may be given as a gift in honor or in memory of an individual with $1,500 donation. A personalized metal plaque is located on a back of the bench and the bench is placed in the park. View the Memorial Bench Policy and click on the picture for dimensions. Memorial Bench DimensionsBoard of Directors Meetings

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Our Annual Meeting is the first Wednesday in November at 7:00 pm. at the Haumann Nature Center.

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